Being a photographer, whether that means spending two years of sleepless nights getting an MFA in studio art or playing around with the point-and-shoot your dad got you for your birthday, means learning to see things differently. And learning to see means changing the way you interact with and view your surroundings. It means noticing things, mentally drawing a frame around a piece of the world, and realizing that the light looks completely different now from how it did two hours ago. This takes some practice, but is a lot more fun that walking around on autopilot.

One day as I was walking to the train I decided to commit to a daily photo as my contribution to Go Go Go, a blog about travel and going places. Since I am a person with pretty much zero disposable income, my “travel” involves going to work most of the time. But that can still be fascinating, if you’re looking the right way. A good photographer can literally make anything look interesting. And still, as I was walking up my street for the thousandth time, I thought, “Ugh, what am I going to photograph, there is nothing, man I am going to really have to work at this one.”  But, after practicing all day long, on my way home my thought was “Ugh, how am I going to pick just one thing, it is all so interesting.” I love turning everyday, overlooked, boring places into something worth noticing, so that is what I am going to try to give you every day–my travels through ordinary life.

Basically, there is cool shit everywhere, you don’t even have to go out and find it, you just have to see it.


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